Chasing Dreams…

While working on casting industry as two entrepreneur sisters, we always wanted to make products that we designed ourselves. We had dreams.

We have never forgotten the taste of the toasts that our mother made for breakfast or teatime in our childhood and searched for the same taste for years. We wanted to share the same taste with our children but there were no products to do that.

Even so our outgoing product had been a double-sided pan to ease users lives in line with their changing life styles, our following design product has been the barbecue, which is a common culture for all communities. Since our childhood our weekends have been cheered up with cookouts and feasts, so barbecue is a common culture for everyone even if the usage factors change.

Thanks to the interaction of the communities with different cultures, our cuisines get richer and so do the communion. Dining table is one of the places that families gather up and have a good time. So as a Turkish proverb says “The way to the heart is through the stomach”.

We are much more in needs of the products that ease our lives and take the pleasure in weekend dinner tables and garden parties. So our barbecues are multi-purpose, practical and provide innovative solutions for our customers.

Design starts with an imagination, it is a fiction and it is our lives een if we do not yet realize.

“Those who do not dream can not have the reality”.

We hope you can make your dreams come true…