PRTK BBQ is a functional, unique and innovative charcoal barbecue that is designed by considering the needs of barbecue addicts.

  • – Easy to carry because it is only 2.5 kg
  • – Ideal for limited spaces by its compact size and foldable foot. You can carry it on car trunk or on your bike.
  • – Durable and can be used for several years via non-rusting cast aluminum body. Also it is easy to clean.
  • – Can be used double-sided. You can cook different kinds foods like as meat, chicken, vegetables and fish at the same time.
  • – Ready to use. It is suitable for every activity / occasion that you want to have fun.


  • – Charcoal barbecue
  • – Constructed with cast aluminum body
  • – Non-rusting aluminum body
  • – Double-sided grill usage (20×29 cm coated grill surface per grill-side)
  • – Different cooking areas
  • – Weight: light body 2,650 gr
  • – Different color options
  • – Easy to carry, use and store
  • – Design and registration owned by Aniva

Dimensions  :    Width  x Length  x Height (mm)
While Open  :                   300      x 460        x 155
While Closed:    240      x 310        x 220