Charcoal Prtk Mangal is only 2.5 kg and very easy to carry! You can carry it on car trunk or on your bike.
It is also easy to store with its foldable foot. Constructed with cast aluminum body, so you can use it for a long time.
It has small and practical design which makes it ideal for limited space, storage and carrying.
You can use it double-sided when opened and cook meat, chicken, vegetables and fish on different grids at the same time. Prtk Mangal is extremely suitable for outdoor living or just for meal on the balcony.
With its practical and ready to use characteristic, you can bring Prtk Mangal along everywhere suitable for leisure activities.
The hardest part of doing a barbecue is to move. Aniva offers you convenient solution.Aniva bag provides to carry your barbecue easily.